ROYAL NAVY OFFICER INTERVIEW TRAINING. Through the selection process for becoming a Royal Navy officer, you are expected to sit a true number of interviews

Royal Navy Officer Interview Training

The first meeting will be held during the Armed Forces Careers Office while the staying interviews may be performed included in the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB).

The details about this site and our online Royal Navy Officer interview training will allow you to get high after all interviews.


Present affairs are a tremendously area that is important of preparation. You have to perform a good amount of research with regards to current affairs. Not merely will you will need it through the interview(s), however it will additionally work with you through the essay part of the AIB.

Here are some crucial ideas to assist you to research present affairs efficiently:

Be mindful exactly what paper(s) you read. The kind of paper you read will mirror you as an individual. In the event that you tell the interviewer you are a devoted reader regarding the Sun or perhaps the frequent celebrity, may very well not be officer product. Into the create as much as AIB, take to reading the right times, or any other quality newsprint.

We might strongly suggest which you sign up for ‘The Week’. It is a journal that is fantastic will breakdown the week’s stories for you personally. This can save your self being forced to purchase many different magazines.

Give consideration to reading The Economist. Again, it is a good log which will offer you lots of present affairs information.

Don’t simply research affairs which are strongly related the Royal Navy or perhaps the Armed Forces as a whole. Other subjects are only since important!

Royal Navy Officer Interview

The objective of the existing affairs element of the Admiralty Interview Board interview is made to evaluate exactly how informed you will be of current affairs that are global. You ought to have a view that is general each topic and have now a knowledge of why the issue is crucial. Attempt to have a broad view associated with world that is whole familiarity with a number of issues and activities.

Q. Simply take me on a trip regarding the global globe and let me know what’s caught your attention into the news recently.

Q. Let me know about 6 affairs that are current abroad and six at home.

Q. Let me know about a news story from each continent.

The Royal Navy evaluating staff will expect one to have learnt a huge number of information that pertains to the Royal Navy, the Ministry of Defence, the real history regarding the Navy, your selected trade or branch, present affairs dilemmas, and organisational framework. Your program tutor, that is a former serving person in the Royal Navy, provides you with an tutorial that is in-depth how to locate the info needed to be able to pass the meeting.


This course provides training that is exclusive enhance the abilities of candidates planning to be a Royal Navy officer. This comprehensive online program is the actual only real training available in the UK. It really is going to enhance your odds of moving the interview, such as the AIB, by as much as 100per cent – fully guaranteed!

Through the very first online training module your tutor gives you an in-depth description as to exactly how you’re going to be examined through the Royal Navy officer interview. Become familiar with exactly about the Assessable Qualities and the way the Royal Navy utilizes them to evaluate you. Become familiar with how exactly to match each one of the assessable areas during each phase associated with the meeting.

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