Unusual funeral in Ghana: a coffin in the form of a car, a can of beer or an airplane.

Africa for many is another planet, and some traditions in general can shock a European. For example, a funeral. What do you think it is in the photo?

Home or garden decor? This is actually a coffin.

And indeed, why a coffin should be a boring box, because it can be made in the shape of a bird, a telephone or even a can of beer – this is what the people of Ghana think. And the funeral ceremony itself for them is one of the most fun and massive events.

It is believed that the tradition arose quite by accident: in the past, one of the rulers ordered a stretcher in the form of a bed in the shape of an eagle, and they were delivered just on the day of death. The relatives decided that the good should not be lost, and ordered a lid for the stretcher – and that was the original coffin in the form of a formidable bird.

The local population really liked the idea, and now a person is seen off on their last journey in such a “carriage”. At first, such coffins were ordered only by wealthy people, but now every Ghanaian family is trying to see off the deceased with dignity.

The coffin can be made in the most bizarre shape: a can of beer, a coffee bean, a house, a car, an airplane. Usually it takes the form of those things that the deceased did or dreamed about, but they can also hint at hobbies or bad habits. Therefore, a coffin in the shape of https://jiji-ethiopia.com/arada/furniture/120-bed-brand-new-b7kc76qjpzNh58AnxHoDzlx2.html a chicken or a cow is made for the farmer, and the seamstress will rest in a sewing machine.

Sometimes the coffins are so bizarre that it is very difficult to put a person in it, so they put the body as it will. But this is not important, but it is important that his soul should be pleased with the last resting place of his body.

By the way, such a coffin is not cheap, it costs about $ 500-600, which is about an annual salary for Ghanaians. Therefore, often the dead can spend several weeks, or even months in the morgue, so that his relatives can organize a decent funeral.

A funeral procession in Ghana may shock a European. But you need to remember that these people have a completely different mentality. They believe that a person should be led into another world with the utmost dignity and with all the honors.

It is also a way to appease the deceased: Ghanaians believe that all the dead help their family.

Especially solemn funerals for the elderly, because it is more a celebration of life, not death, since a person has lived a long life.

So it may seem strange not only the coffins, but the very process of the funeral. They prepare for them for several months (well, if the family is well-off, then the period is reduced to several weeks), outfits are specially sewn. In addition, they try to notify the whole city about the date of the funeral: they hang up banners, launch ads.

And people from all over the country come to spend their last journey, sometimes up to 300-400 guests gather. Professional mourners are ordered, an orchestra and see off the deceased with loud music and dancing. And the latest hit that wealthy Ghanaians can afford is the dancer porters.

They carry the coffin to incendiary music, dance and amuse the people.

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